Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday Night (Hi)Lights

I went to a very fun party last night - down on U street, very nice space - basically your picture perfect city loft. damn! i want to live in the city. Great music, chilling with my sister and brother in law. Its the weirdest thing, in high school, my sister used to get pissed at me because she thought I was so popular (i wasnt really), but now, Im jealous of her friends. Shes surrounded by the kind of together, interesting people that I wish I could find in the vast social scene that is Metro DC. I guess the smart kids really do win out in the end. Im smart, too - I just spent so much time trying to hide it in an effort to be cool. Im so proud of my intelligence and general geekiness now. big props to the cassettes - amazing little set last night. Thanks guys!

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