Tuesday, October 25, 2005


When I was 2 years old, my family moved to Charlottesville because my dad was attended UVA for his PhD. I loved, and still love to this day, everything about Charlottesville. With 2 small acceptions. For years, and years afterward, I had recurring nightmares about sharks swimming in our local swimming pool, Fry Springs. I don't know how I possibly comprehended swimming laps at that point, I was still in floatie-arm things, kiddie pool land, but my dreams involved swimming very fast laps whilst being chased by sharks, who were also apparently incapable of swimming in patterns besides up and back those swim lanes. Also, at 3 years old, I began my educational career at a local preschool. The teacher took issue with my security blankie, asked my mother that I not bring it to school. My mom cut up my blankie, made me an adorable little ribbon belt, and sewed a piece of my blankie on it. I went fucking beserk on her ass, and my teachers. It was my G.D. blankie, for shit's sake. So i dropped out of preschool. Yup, Im a preschool dropout.

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Mary Morgan said...

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