Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday and all is well

Week one of my new job comes to a close. Its been an interesting move to say the least - I'm stuck somewhere between seasoned employee and babe in the woods. Same company, different team, different role. So far it has been very good though. Getting to put research and analysis skills to use, and that's my preference.

I'm moved in to the new house, but it is still a construction zone (don't ever even think about putting a "done by" date on your calendar when remodeling is involved). Just found out yesterday that I will be getting new custom cabinets installed in the kitchen, which means that I will have in my floors, new stove, new dishwasher, new paint, new sink, new countertops, and cabinets. So basically the only thing left from the old kitchen is the basic structure. I'm sort of fascinated by this event in my life, and entirely unsure of what to make of it yet.

So, still camping at casa de los parents for now. They are probably at National right now waiting to get on their plane to SF, so this house is all mine (although I must share with 3 cats) until Tuesday. Its been nice but a quiet weekend will be nice as well. Who knows whats on tap for the weekend. I'd like to get started on some decorating, but it may be a waste with the construction. Cable and wireless will be hooked up tomorrow for sure.

Back to work then. A happy Friday =)

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