Thursday, July 06, 2006


anyone remember back in March? when I found out that I was going to be moving in to a new house? but it had to have some remodeling done first? that was supposed to be done on April 1? Yeaaaah....
It is now July 6th, and the house is not QUITE done yet. My kitchen was done, but it was done incorrectly, so now it is a war zone again. I've been staying with my parents since April 1. I am soooo frustrated but I don't seem to have any power to change things here. I don't even want to be bothered to decorate until this is actually done, but I am so tired of being semi-nomadic. I could have sworn my plan to have a 4th of July housewarming party was fool-proof, back when I dreamt of that far away date.
Complaining does nothing, really, so I won't go on, but really, come on, REALLY? You know what would happen to me if one of my projects went 3 months overdue and I had no rational explanation as to why? Fired 2 months ago, that's what.

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Eight Hour Lunch said...

(Shudder) Man, that sounds waaay too familiar. Between six collapsed deals on our house and the three months we had planned to live with my parents turning into nine...without a coffeemaker. Hang in there. Even though it seemed to us like the day would never come, we've been in our new place for two weeks now. Good luck!