Friday, September 01, 2006


When I was in middle school, the VMAs were always during the first week of school, which meant I was not allowed to stay up to watch the whole show. I was allowed to watch until 10 or 1030 or so and then I had to go to bed. This was probably more torture than not being allowed to watch at all until they were replayed (which used to happen far less frequently than the 24/7 repeats we see these days). Of course, back then, it was fact that there was something of worth in the second half of the show, something to actually regret missing. You can see where this is going.

I mean, yes, I actually do appreciate Axl Rose announcing the Killers, I do. Because the Killers are a good band and GnR is one of the best bands ever ever ever. But come on! The best part of the show last night was the sideshow, the Racounteurs. Did anyone else get the feeling that noone GOT the significance of those guest starts? Does anyone even KNOW the history of The Buggles in connection with the MTV giant?
I just felt like MTV was making a decent effort at recognizing good music and the crowd and voters just kind of went HELL NO, i want me some whiny shitty emo fucking mess like Panic in the disco (I'm not typing that damn exclamation point, you cannot make me) or god forbid Fall Out Boy. Who invented these bands? They suck! What's funny is that AFI kinda looks like them but you can tell that they are different because OH! their music is GOOD.

So here's the question - am I getting old, or is music getting bad. Because I like new bands, I do, a lot. The aforementioned Killers, AFI, and Racontuers all get a big thumbs up from me. That whiney shit and that blingy shit? Listen to it at the clubs, I don't give a fuck cause I don't DO clubs really, shit, I will even dance to some Kanye, I like Kanye. But not more Lil Wags or Big Pony or whatever the fuck. But do not give AWARDS to these people, man! You will regret it later in life. I mean, come on, I can justify Debbie Gibson in comparison to these people and WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THAT?

And WTF is up with not giving awards to Madonna or the Chili Peppers, you heinous heathens?!?!

Also, I have not seen a video on MTV for some time. I tried this week. I think it happens when I'm asleep and at work.

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