Monday, March 19, 2007


So I have my favoritist shoes on. They are camel, leather, pointy-tointed, 4.5 inch heels, and I love. Except for this - I've never worn them to work, until today. I have on pantyhose, as I horribly unfashionable and also I work at a conservative type of place and also its cold. And the shoes? With the pantyhose they've magically grown at least 1.5 sizes. And if you've ever tried to walk in too-big heels you know that I look ridiculous doing that. So now I've stuffed papertowles into the toes and it doesnt feel good but wtf else can I do. Fashion is lame sometimes. If I stretch these shoes out with the paper towels and then they don't fit even without the slidy super powers of pantyhose I'll be mighty pissed.

In other news: NCAA tournament so far...grrrrrrrrr. Except for Georgetown yay.

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