Friday, June 15, 2007

random post #289

ouch, last updated on Apr 2, 2007. Its flippin June 15th! Apparently I was busy.
Ok, so I'm older, arguably wiser, possibly more bouyant (beer, its summer), and a little bit more sexxay. cause I'm tan.

Blog, life is serendipitous, you know? I am just amazed at the stuff that lands in my lap sometimes. When things are bad, sometimes things get awesome. Sometimes. Could I be more vague? No.

I think I have come to have peace with a particular persistant thing in my life, eh? And I thought it was happy peace. But you need 2 people for happy peace. But I need to demonstrate patience. Patience I say! I shall be patient.

Work is alternately lame as poop and kick ass awesome. What else is new I guess.

I need a change of something...I just don't know what. I'm training for a 10K. whoo.

ok random yeah its Friday at 5:11 and i'm at work. torturous, really.

ttyl blog.

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