Thursday, October 23, 2008

(Eventually) 30 things for my 30th year

I've been 30 years of age now for about 6 months - and I realized there are some things I'd like to accomplish this year - not 30 things, yet, but that seems to be a nice neat package so I will continue to add to this list. A few to start with:

1) Learn more, break through fears and take more risks
2) Volunteer at least once a week (doing well on this one)
3) Make my bed an oasis of soft white cotton and downy pillows that I can sink into (workin on it)
4) Take good care of myself
5) Run a 10-miler
6) Remind those I love how much they matter all the time
7) Wake up early once in a while JUST to snuggle with the animals
8) Write every day, its good for my soul.
9) Take a good idea and run with it, don't hold back.

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