Friday, June 24, 2005


A few of my favorite bloggers seem to be either contemplating throwing in the towel or have merely stopped writing. I am a bit disheartened, as well as encouraged, because I read about these peoples' lives, and it seems to be that they've got so much love in their real lives, they lose the desire to spend time in such a solitary and self-absorbed pursuit as blogging. it makes me wonder - were these blogs therapy to get them through hard times? did they ever expect to become celebrities of a sort? did they ever expect their blogs to open doors for them, to introduce them to lifelong friends?
I'm new to this world, so I don't know about bloggers past. I don't know if its normal for bloggers to rise and fall in phases. I know that I will miss my daily reads. I hope that I can write words worth reading, I hope that this will be therapeutic for me, I hope someday that I will feel so fulfilled as to not have anything to say.

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