Sunday, January 15, 2006

mi casa

rachel and I had some time to kill yesterday on the way to watch football at sabrina's, so we took a little journey over to see my new house. Its so freaking cute I want to pinch its little cheeks, although noone's been doin any gardening for at least a few years. Its a mini-version of a house I lived in, on two seperate occasions, for a few years in my early/mid twenties. I love it, and I haven't even seen the inside yet. Its got a carport and a big ole climbing tree in the front yard and a good sized back yard. it is way back deep in a neighborhood, but still close to such luxuries as Borders and various restaurants. Not too bad of a commute, maybe...that one will be trial and error for a bit. there are endless possibilties. Now, I just have to be good and do a little packing every weekend, so as not to go insane and all when I try to move right around midterm time. Oh, yeah, and I'm taking four classes instead of my usual 2, because I'm crazy, apparently.

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