Tuesday, January 31, 2006

state of the blah

two things:
1) This president has officially rendered me unable to watch the state of the union address. I think this is the first one I will miss since 1990 or so. I just can't watch or listen to him. I am the type of person who hates The Bachelor, American Idol, Jerry Springer, anything really, where I feel not amused but embarrassed for people. I hate to use such heinous crap to illustrate my feelings toward this particular broadcast, but its the best way to express the uncomfortable feeling I get when watching Bush speak. I may once have enjoyed poking fun at this president, but now I feel no joy, just something between apathy and disgust. Sigh.

2) Apparently, someone in California felt the need to keep the phrase "going postal" alive and well. Such a sad story.

Something fun should happen now. Like happy hour and pizza for lunch. Oh wait, yeah, that's already happening. Small smile.

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