Monday, February 13, 2006

the madness approaches.

I'm so mad at basketball right now. Louisville is 11th in their conference, Kentucky is 3rd (with a 5-5 record, ew) in theirs. So what am I going to do come March you say? Damn good question. Keep my fingers crossed until then, #1. Then I have some (limited) options for generating some kind of cheering capability. First, hometown team GW is undefeated in their conference, having dropped only 1 game overall. But really, there is so minor a connection there, entirely geographical, don't know if that will cut it. I may possibly be disowned for the following statement, but I can say, if limited to only this season, F the ACC. I will root for any ACC team besides...ahem....Clemson, Miami, UNC, or Duke. As you can see, my options are limited there as well. However, UVA wahoowa for life and all that jazz. I still represent. I could arguably get behind Villanova pre 2005-06 season. Now, oops sorry, in the same conference as U of L? Yeah, no love for you. My alma mater, GMU, is #1 in their conference (the colonial athletic association) but, yeah, we know thats not happening. Memphis from Conf USA? Yeah, I been to Memphis, you guys really don't like people from Louisville, do you? Well I do. No, before you ask, I'm not rooting for Florida or Tennessee or Georgia, well maybe Georgia, but only if you make me.

I am left with Pac 10 as a viable option. Well, nope, sorry, but I'm from the East Coast. I dig SF and all, but its just wrong when it comes down to basketball. we are...I could go snooty on ya'll, Ivy League style. Princeton perhaps. Penn more likely.

Ok, ok. We all know I'm lying. I'm gonna watch no matter what comes. But if I have to wait another year to get all up in a tizzy about one of my teams, ya'll...I don't know if I can do it.

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