Sunday, February 12, 2006

st. valentine has brought snow!

After a winter full of 60 degree days (so not complaining) it has finally managed to snow! Real snow! I havent measured but 8 inches or more? Enough to cover the cat up to her chin which is freaking hilarious - and she loves it. The other cat is scared, but then again, she's scared of everything, so you know, thems tha breaks. So now I'm going to tromp on over to the 7-11 and get me some snow supplies, chocolate. I had the opportunity to go to a party last night, basically willingly getting trapped in a house with first drunk, then hungover people for several hours/days. Im doubting my decision not to go a little now, cause I bet they are sledding. Actually, its 10 am, I bet they are sleeping. But they will be sledding soon. OH WELL.
In other news, I've had Hey Jude in my head since Friday night. Perhaps it will go away no that I've given it the attention it has been fighting for. See, song stuck in my head, I've gone and published your good name. Now go away and bother someone else.

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