Thursday, May 25, 2006


I had a weird dream last night, which I meant to write down upon waking, but then all this work stuff got in the way, so now I'm doing it. Yes, it IS my last few hours before a 4 day vacation and I'm procrastinating in new and exciting ways.

Okay, so it started the way many of my dreams do, with drunk driving, which is actually a very uncomfortable dream state and is supposed to indicate a lack of control over one's life. I get it when I'm stressed, usually. Anyway, this particular dream, the drunk driving ended fairly quickly, and I ended up at Cornell, yes the University, for some reason. I was attending an information session for my friend Rachel, and I think I was posing as her. Anyway, I ended up filling out an application with my real information and then stressing the entire dream about if I was going to get into Cornell or not.

Throughout this whole strange montage I was fielding cell phone calls from Ed who apparently was rampantly cheating on me, but was being terribly honest and matter-of-fact about it, and I was attempting to break up with him. For some reason this was a tough decision, even while he was recounting the, seriously, like 15 daliances he'd had over the course of our, in dream time, fairly short relationship.

Any thoughts on this one?

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