Thursday, May 04, 2006

very unusual and random post

Ever feel like you are about 75-80% great at lots of things but not 100% fan-freaking-tabulous at anything? That's how I'm feeling today. Let's look at some examples:
1) I can write a quick email that's 50-100 times better than anything that pops into my inbox all day long and is also polite, thoroughly informative, and maybe even funny, and entirely appropriate for whatever situation may arise. Its a gift. However, I don't think many blog posts here are of the make you cry/laugh variety, and that's generally what I call good writer. Sucks you in. I don't mean I'm going to write a story about drowning puppies or something to pull a reaction, I just want to be able to make you read it as I hear it, if that makes sense.

2)I've got fabulous hair (its ok, I really do) and pretty feet but I've also got like 15 extra pounds. AND see, I'm usually very self-confident, except for those stupid extra 15 pounds.

Ok, so that's just 2 things, but you know. See, I'm not even 80% great at making my point.

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birru said...

First, your blogging caused me to get my blogging ass in gear and made me work at being better friends/bro with you.

Secondly, 15lbs or not, it doesn't get in the way of your being a babe.

+5 self confidence.