Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have confused myself today. Woke up this morning to the news on NPR of the terrorist plot that had been thwarted in London early today. Made me realize a couple of things, mainly that 1)something on the scale of 9/11 is going to happen again, we can't possibly catch them all, and there is more creativity in this world used for evil than I care to think about, and that 2)unless its nuclear, I'm probably just as safe 10 miles from DC as I am 300 or 1000. So no need to move then. All a very rational, logical, level-headed type of reponse to this stuff, typical of our times. I hope. I think there might be some people in Kansas or something losing their shit over this today. But I digress.

Then, the radio trailer for Oliver Stone's World Trade Center comes on with the Coldplay and the talk of heros and I start crying like a little bitch. Then I take the rest of the drive remembering where I was on 9/11, AS IF I COULD EVER FORGET,and then thinking about this article I read the other day about a father who lost his son in the attacks and thinks he has identified him as one of the figures at the broken out windows on the 103-104th floors in that really famous picture, and how that has brought him some closure. I rational or irrational here, I don't know. I am NOT a fan if this is just the beginning of the 5 year anniversary type happenings I don't think my emotions can take it.

Oh, and I forgot, how about we dont' play the commercial for that opportunistic tear-jerker crap in the middle of a report on terrorists, k? Cause that's a time when I don't want my ads to match my content. Oh wait, I never want that. You hear that? I never want that gmail, and, and every web site with ads ever, ok?

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