Monday, April 04, 2011

baby dreams

Something strange is afoot. With the exception of last night, I have dreamed of babies almost every night for a week. I had a dream about being pregnant, which was totally uneventful, with the exception of me, pregnant and all. I had a dream about giving birth, in which I was slightly inconvenienced but all in all, it was, you know, no bigs. I had a dream about having a newborn at home with me. My mother was there too. I would put the baby in its car seat and it would fall asleep, and I'd basically leave it be for 4-5 hours, and then go, huh, maybe I should check on the baby, and then I'd go change its diaper, and leave again for another 4-5 hours. I spent a lot of this time pondering my post-pregnancy body, which was pretty damn svelte, I must say, and enjoying my time off of work by, apparently, sitting around daydreaming and checking on the baby every once in a blue moon. So, um, yep. I may not be a mother, but I have enough mother friends to know that none of the above is remotely realistic. What on earth is my brain doing up in there? What's with all this baby-dreaming with the ease and no-big-ness of it all? Is this what its like when the time to have babies alarm goes off? It hasn't crept into my waking days yet. Sigh.

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