Friday, November 04, 2011

crazy, stupid

I saw crazy stupid love last night, picked it up on the ol' Roku (love that thing, btw. Best Christmas present EV-ERR).

This movie, in short, is weird, and awesome.

I wasn't sure, at first. I wasn't even sure when I finished watching it. But upon reflection, that movie rocked.

Steve Carrell is Steve Carrell-y, but not as much as normal? Like not Even Almighty-ish Steve Carrell. The whole plot is kind of sublimely ridiculous. But also awesome.

Hands down though, what makes this movie? Ryan Gosling. He is amazing in it. He's kind of channeling Brad Pitt in Oceans Eleven but with more sleaze, but also less sleaze. And Emma Stone's character, and their interaction - just perfect.  "You wanna get outta here?" hehe. You'll see.

Watch it, is good.

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AaReAn said...

yep. I agree. weird and awesome. ha I stumbled upon your blog and just had to comment :-)


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