Thursday, April 05, 2012

food food food for thought..

Last night for dinner, I made salmon stuffed with feta and spinach, and a yummy salad to go with. Unfortunately, I burned the ever-lovin crap out of myself while taking the pan out of the oven, so spent the majority of last night with an ice-packed paper towel taped around my hand. And later, for sleeping time, I rested my hand on a package of frozen broccoli. Maybe I should get some of those there ice pack things.

Anyway - while I was in major pain, the salmon was still frakin delicious.  And..paleo friendly (well, the feta was not. meh).

So, emboldened, today, I packed myself a super paleo work lunch bag. I packed:

an apple sliced up, with Justin's natural almond butter + raisins
2 eggs, scrambled
a handful of dark choc chips
a salad, with cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.
some sweet potato and beet chips.

I've eaten the apples, grapes, and eggs. Dudes, I'm still full, its almost 3.


I did not go to Starbucks this morning, either. The barristas may send out a search party for me, as they are very used to seeing me on the daily.

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