Monday, June 04, 2012

most loved

like all of us, I have some things I gravitate toward in fashion, damn the trends.

here's my top 5 most loved:

1. White T shirt

 I love this one by Vince...
 but this one by Hanes will do in a pinch.

Well, you say, duh. Of course.

But I have specific jeans needs. These jeans, these specific two kinds and colors, are my go to. (Don't stop making them plz).

Citizens of Humanity Dita Petite

 Hudson Bootcut Petite

But, Jessica's J Brands are kind of "the dream jean". I can't find them for sale anywhere... sad face.

3. Paisley Things. 

I have a mad jones for paisley. J Crew seems to understand this. I have a preference for actual vintage items in this category, but hey, we shall take what we can get. J. Crew's silk paisley button down offerings are everything I could ever hope for.

 I love this one so much I seriously have it in 2 sizes, so I can wear it as I lose weight.
I have this one too. I love it a lot too. But not as much.

This one strikes my fancy too. It's Joie.

This too. Hello. From Anthropologie

4. Tan/Camel Leather Accessories. (no dark brown, never dark brown)

I'm not sure I've met many camel leather accessories I don't like. A sampling:

5. This particular t-shirt

I have approximately 15 of this t-shirt, in various styles and states of wear. I don't love much American Apparel does, but I love this. (oh hey, I see AA has given up the pretense and just has nakey ladies on their site now. Thanks a lot, AA)

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