Monday, June 04, 2012

out with the old, in with the new June

Oof, I have been remiss about my goal making /posting duties. Skipped May altogether, it seems. Well, that's ok. On to June! 

Soo, April goals:

In with the new:
I took an overnight trip to Charlottesville last night as part of a campaign to desensitize myself to my anxiety around travel.  I actually had a really nice time, and I think I'll try and make shorter trips like this once  a month. I'll start out with trips around VA/MD, and then the next big hurdle is taking a train or plane somewhere further away. Next up is Richmond, I think.
Nope. Nope-ity-nope-nope. This is a tough one for me. I know, in theory, that I need to do this, to chip away at my anxiety. But let's be honest - I don't actually want to go to Richmond for the night, nor spend the money.
But, BUT! I do need to do this, tis important. I do enjoy 1) staying in hotels. 2) exploring different places. 
And, more important, I do like to get on a plane and visit California, or other only plane-reachable (okay, or super long car ride) places. 
What I did with that last trip was go on Friday night - and that was good, because I came back early Saturday morning and didn't feel like my weekend was gone. So yes, this is what I will do. 
Richmond, in June. Loverly.
Out with the old:
I'm going to repeat last month's goals, because they are still really important to me. I have a proper budget now, with savings goals, and I'd like to direct some of that clothes money to savings. I'd also prefer to spend my money on some furniture I'd like rather than clothes. I think I'm pretty well set for spring clothes right now. 
Smoking - still planning on quitting May 2. On the road to that goal. 
I have been spending less on clothes (this is all relative), but more on home fluffing goodness - decorating, gardening, etc. type things. So this is good. But, I still have been spending too much. I need to spend on my savings. Its that simple. Build. Up. Savings. I've set myself some smaller targets on so I can feel all accomplished and what not. The bigger long term savings goals can get depressing when you see how far left you have to go.

I so did not quit smoking. I completely hate smoking at this point, but its still a habit. I am a cold turkey kind of quitter, and I JUST NEED TO STOP.  I have been smoking for far too long and it is lame.


Besides the aforementioned trip and the whole smoking, please don't, thing, I've got some other goals:

1) Sort out basement storage. We've got a lot of inherited furniture, most of Fred's stuff, some of my stuff, and 5 bazillion magazines in our basement. Along with car parts, oh so many. 

The car parts, they ain't going nowhere fast, but I can sort out the rest and make it much more manageable. The car parts will slowly be reduced as they are put on the actual car(s).

I'd like to do this because we basically aren't using this part of the house, also, its an eyesore.

2)  Hit the next 5 lb mark in my weight loss progress. I'm soo tantalizingly close. 

So that's that. Maybe the lifting and heaving and swearing involved in part 1 will help me achieve part 2 =)

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