Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I know its not MY old kentucky home but i still want it to be

I like to state things in this forum occasionally with no real background info. Like this...
If, whenever it may be that I meet someone boyfriend worthy who also finds me girlfriend worthy, and, such a relationship ensues, and I still want to move to Louisville as bad as I do today when I stumble across the most perfect house for rent ever in the Highlands (okay, stumble may be a strong word, I look at the Craigslist listings for Louisville, San Francisco, Boston, and a couple of other random cities with fair frequency), if I still want to move back there when I have the clarity of time and of other, you knows, I am doing it! because I'm really tired of describing my perfect house and neighborhood and knowing exactly where it is but also that I don't live there anymore, its entirely unreasonable for me to just up and move, but so what, but really! and also they don't really have any jobs there.

Really the best thing for all of us would be for me to meet a boy from Louisville who is here, get to know his you know and all, and then it totally won't be hard for me to convince him to move back. Life plan. Easy peasy.

Thanks for listening.

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