Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mar 2-5, 365

Mar 2

Q: Salty or sweet?
A: Sweet. I have had a sweet tooth my entire life - more specifically, a chocolate tooth. My favorites are godiva open oysters, dark chocolate sorbet, and samoas girl scout cookies.

Mar 3
Q: Did you sleep alone last night?
A: Nope - I share a bed with Fred and usually one or both of our two cats.

Mar 4
Q: What would you like to ask your mother?
A: Lots of things, I'm sure. What everyday life was like as a college student in the 60s. If she's ever slept with anyone besides my dad (they got together in high school, married at 20). I can ask her these things, and I will.

Mar 5
Q: What's your favorite word (right now)?
A: I made it up, I think, but I'm enjoying farked. It means crapped out, a nicer way of saying effed up. As in, that facebook app totally farked on me.

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