Monday, December 12, 2011


Given the timing of Christmas, I'm going place bets on this Monday being the last truly productive Monday of the year.  So let's enjoy it.

Last week, I ordered a long-line bra from a company that was recommended by the stylist for Mad Men. I mean, if you're going to buy good retro undergarments, I'll take her recommendation, right? I got the Rago Lacette Long Line Bra. It came over the weekend and I have it on today - wow. I feel VERY Joan. I highly recommend it. There's something delightful about wearing fancy underthings under work wear. A little secret wink, haha.

In other news, I thought I had my gift wrapping theme down for this year...yes, I have gift wrapping themes each year, don't make fun. But then I saw this, and I want to do this! Isn't this incredible?

Here's how: link

P90X update time! 

I have 3 1/2 weeks left before I'm done with my first 90 days! I had to take a break when our TV broke, but I only missed a few days and have been back on the wagon since our new TV arrived last week. The 3rd segment of P90X kind of pulls together everything else you learned so far, so its nice in that there is a variety of workouts. If I could change one thing about this system, it would be to add in a couple of different non-weight day options. As is, on your "Active" weeks, its Plyo, Yoga, Kenpo...and its been that way since week 1!  I suppose I could slide in a Cardio X or a Core in there and it wouldn't hurt.

I am going to get P90X2 to start in the new year. I may be bored of these workouts, but I don't completely hate Tony and gang, haha. I'm excited to see what they've come up with for version 2.

I have lost about 0 lbs. So that's awesome. I feel slightly more fit, but nothing fits dramatically different. Slightly better, all around. I did notice that sweaters I haven't worn since last year are all gapey and stretched out - so maybe I'm overall smaller in a manner that doesn't lend itself well to visual cues? I didn't measure myself pre P90X because I have a full work up of measurements that my trainer did last year. I need to check myself against those.

I have also heard that in the test group for P90X, a lot of the participants didn't see results until Section 3. I'm waiting =)

Have any of you done P90X? or a similar program? What was your experience?

Finally, polka dot pumps. discuss...

These are new from Nine West. I can't decide if I like them or not. I think the platform is a little too Minnie Mouse/kinder-whore, but I could possibly rock the pumps. Of course, this is moot, because I do not buy shoes unless I am in love with them, head over ummm, heels. And I just don't fall in love as easily with shoes as with clothes. But these, these intrigue me, you know?

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