Sunday, May 22, 2005

does this mean no $4 starbucks lattes?

woke up this morning to a perfect may day and decided to call my parents, see what they were up to. my mom invited me over to just hang out - asked me to bring my cat, Tasha. My mother is in love with my cat, i think, and it doesnt hurt that her cat is in love with my cat, too. so I packed ms. tash up and drove on over, where I proceded to have a lovely lunch, sit in the sunshine, watch the cats play in the garden, and shoot the shit with my parents. the usual conversation. my problems, their advise. priceless, it is. and then this shocker..they offered to pay for me to live...ANYWHERE in the country that is as much as or less expensive than DC (this knocks out only San Francisco and New York), and go back to school. why? I don't know. but isnt that amazing? the only thing I have to figure out is where, when, and holy shit can I go back to being a full-time student dependant on student loans and my folks without losing my damn mind at 27? I have until july to figure it out. wow. wow. OMFG wow.

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