Thursday, May 19, 2005

The internets go to washington

I am not good at being mistaken. I abhor being anything but 100% absolutely knowledgeable and right right right! (oh the state of the world, I write right three times and now I feel all red-statey. Im so blue, trust me. see, forced disclamer).
So, nothing could have ruffled my feathers more than the following conversation:

On the TV: POTUS is speaking about something involving war, social security, or the rapture, etc.. and says something about..."the internets"

Me: *giggle* internets. dumbass
Freakishly genius CS guru A.: actually, the plural is much more accurate.
Me: (shit) oh. yeah. i guess (no idea what i'm talking about)

Let me make fun of the man, DAYUM!! it's all I have!

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