Tuesday, May 31, 2005

lets get physical! physical!

So I have been working out after week for 2 weeks now, consistently, for the first time in over a year. yay! i didn't want to announce until it was safe. kinda like the baby thing. but not as serious. by far. since I'm the only one who reads this thing anyway, I figure I will add an excercise and diet diary. why go through the hassle of making myself a chart, i've got my blog. i was worried I was going to have to change the name of this site to obese vita there for a minute, so i got to say i'm pretty proud of myself and my new endeavor. today I ate like a virtuous-type person, I went to the gym and did weights for the legs and half an hour on the elliptal (Set to kill me now level), AND I started my period today, so the sweating was nicely offset by the mind boggling cramps. and...drum roll...in the inaugural entry of the ima gonna lose weight and look hot in a bikini blog, i weigh, today...132 pounds. my goal weight is 2001 weight, which is 118. I would be ok with 110. im only 5'3" ya know. and in my other measure of success, my favoritist size 2 jeans..well, i can pull them up and button them, and this is good. now they just need a little room, so as not to be obscene and all.
except for the 132 thing (which is soo gonna change so quick, what with all this exhuberance and energy and I HAVE NO TIME TO EAT CAUSE IM WORKING WAY TOO MUCH) i feel great. whoo!
im not gonna do this everyday. the one person besides me that is maybe reading this..yeah you get an update every three days! and no sooner! unless i magically drop like 20 pounds in a day and then ill tell ya all about it, and how it was that i caught that pnemonia or got food poisoning or whatever.

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