Thursday, May 26, 2005

phones and beaches

i'm pretty protective of my time, and very protective of my level of relative comfort. i don't usually answer phone calls when I don't recognize the number. that's what my voice mail is there for. last night, i think my radar was a bit off.. i DID NOT answer the phone when the caller was inviting me to tastee diner with himself, sister, and brother in law, but I DID answer the phone for drunken ex-boyfriend to express love and slurred affection. if it was saturday night and i made this grave mistake i'd be pretty pissy.
on a completely different note, i want to go to the beach! i haven't been to the beach in 2 years, except for about an hour at the beach at Krissy Field in San Francisco earlier this month. I shouldn't discount that. But I want a real, Ocean City, Skee-Ball and bonfires, memorial day picnic kinda beach trip. its maryland's only redeeming quality.

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