Friday, March 24, 2006

its all i talk about somehow.

George Mason is in the Elite 8. And so is Villanova (goal tending, uhhuh, ok, whatever, it was but ew). Now, I will watch U-dub/uConn and Florida/Gtown. What do I want to happen, you ask? Well, I already saw JJ Reddick cry (ok, I felt bad for him), so some dreams have come true (no, i dont mean it). I want a subway series of Wash DC bball. I want to feel this city on its feet. I want UDub to win, and then I want Mason to beat them. I want Gtown to win, and then I want Nova to lose. I want the one seeds to lose because I only love the one seeds if they are from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I want Fairfax to be a basketball town. I want Mason to play Gtown in the Final Four. I. love. this. game.

I love that my life is fuckity in so many ways, so great and exciting in others, and that I can forget all that and care about a bunch of kids on a court 3, 500, 1000, or 3000 miles away. I kinda wish I was at MCI.

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