Wednesday, March 01, 2006

yet Im still happy. this is nothing, right?

Hi there blog. Little lonely blog. Sorry I've been neglecting you. Today is March 1, 2006. By April 1, 2006 I will have - moved. been to South Carolina. possibly been to Vegas. started my new position. been to 5 full days of various trainings. learned a whole new candidate profile and hopefully successfully recruited some candidates. done countless hours of homework and taken 3 midterms and a final, celebrated 4 family birthdays (and one cat). Talked with a psychologist willingly (like whoa). Painted new home.
There. That's the planned stuff. That's a lot of planned stuff. I like the unplanned. So, between the planned listed above and the unplanned, well - blogging may happen occasionally. We shall see.

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