Saturday, March 11, 2006

mood = bad

I'm such a fucking consumer, I am, I am. I hate that I feel the need to buy new sunglasses just cause its a nice day. yet, that is what I did today. I went from work to that fucking horrible evil mall across the street and dropped my money on sunglasses. I hate traffic, I work for a company that makes its money from the fact that our defense and natl security budget is so huge, yet we still can't seem to properly equip troops in this godforsaken war in which the government still insists "hostilities ended" like 3 years ago, I love DC proper but I hate every single part of Fairfax County right now with a passion, and I'm not a huge fan of Arlington right now either. I hate that I'm stuck here until 2007 but I know I need that time to properly prepare to make a huge move, and yes, it is going to be huge. I'm in a MOOD right now, can you tell? and its because I've made myself a nice little life thats great and comfortable enough but not at all what I want for myself. My family is here and that is irreplaceable, so I will spend my time improving myself and being with them and not wasting it with meaningless crap. Yeah. I have no inspiration from my surroundings and that makes me sad.

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