Wednesday, July 06, 2005

um yeah i forgot about this stuff too

oh and...following up on some things. the date was good. we had many drinks at an outdoor cafe and then went to a party and then finished up the night going through the cd collection outside on the porch with our bottles of heineken. we could be best friends but their was no spark. and it don't mean a thing if it aint got that zing, right? right. back to the drawing board. or not. honestly not caring entirely much right now, I haven't been single in a LONG time and have only been single here for about what, 5 months? since I started this blog anyway. But I digress, I have a drinks date next Monday so who am I kidding?
Also, on the whole diet log thing I have been doing well but kind of inactive due to the LIFE CONSUMING PILES OF WORK TO DO, so while I've been eating celery and other gross but beneficial foods I have not set foot on a treadmill for at least 6 days. I think I weigh like 128. So, yeah. Progress, meet life.
Tata for now-

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