Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I have a problem with some things.
First of all, This New York Times Miller/Cooper CIA source thing. These are journalists adhearing to promises made as a professional and they (well, Miller) have been sent to jail for an indefinite amount of time for not revealing their source. Is this as ridiculous and maddening as I think it is?
Second, the anniversary of the Scopes trial is around this time. 80 years later, the debate is still continuing. People actually continue to protest the teaching of evolution in science classes around the country and demand that creationism and/or intelligent design be given equal attention. Let me just say something here..yes, evolution is a theory, but it is supported by evidence, lots of evidence. It is worth teaching to our children, and it is based in scientific reasoning. Creationism and intelligent design are one hundred percent faith based and belong not in school but in church and in the home. You don't expect your children to learn about the story of Noah's ark or the resurrection of Christ in public school - why is this issue different? If you are that concerned about your children losing their faith because they are taught about evolution in biology class, you need to learn what it means to become a well-informed adult and you need to understand a bit more about your sophmore-aged child.
FIrst amendment rights are being repealed, the age of reason is being negated in favor of the evangelical fundamentalist church. These are the issues here...honesty, loyalty, keeping one's word, education, opening one's mind to new ideas. How honest is anyone being with themselves when they lash out against these things? Does the fundamentalist Christian really believes that new ideas will destroy their faith? If so, how strong is their faith? Has the government really become capable of convincing people to give up their first amendment rights in the name of the Patriot Act? Who are these people running my country and why have they become so scared that they are willing to vote away everything we hold dear?
What do you think?

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