Friday, July 08, 2005

yellow ribbons

about..oh, three, four years ago I met a Marine named Gavin at a piano bar downtown. Gavin had possibly the most perfect smile I've ever seen. I told his friends I'd give him a lift back to the barracks (god, that makes me sound so white trash..people, there is a marine base in DOWNTOWN DC) and we spent the next 3 hours pretending to be lost and bouncing our way through the city like a pinball. We'd stop to call his buddies for directions, stop for a potty break, stop to make was a great night. My on and off relationship got on again soon after and I threw Gavin's number away. He called the house once but my roommate didnt write down the number. I wondered today..and this is morbid..if he is alive. There arent any military people in my life so I am able to see the news every day and not worry about my loved ones, but I know I am very alone in this priveledge. No matter HOW MUCH i hate this war, I want it to be known that I DO support our troops. I hate that I see the support the troops stickers only on the same cars that I see the W 04 stickers. I am allowed to be opposed and continue to be a patriot.

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