Friday, July 09, 2010

1983 to 1986

back in 2005 I started installments of history of my life..thought maybe hell, I'll pick those up again. SO...1983 to 1986, commence.

This is the hardest part of my life for me to remember, so be patient.

1983..I was 5 years old. I lived in Petersburg, VA, i went to kindergarten at Anderson Elementary. I started to hate going to school. I would stall my ass off every morning. One day, I pretended to fall asleep in my dad's car and when we got to school, I just thought i CAN'T let the facade fail, I shall pretend to remain asleep. My plan failed, sadly. My dad carried me into school, into my classroom. I still pretended. They got out a little nap cot for me, lay me down - I pretended all through the morning til lunch. They took me to the principals office, sat me down in his chair (sitting upright of course) - still pretended. I did not LIKE school, people. Dislike button.

Happy memory - May Day, dancing around the may day pole. Principal Cosby. learning to swim.

In 1984 I was in 2nd grade, because I skipped first. This makes me a major genius and gives me bragging rights forever. Ok, not really, it just makes me much younger than everyone I graduated high school with and that lasts forever and is good =) I may have been prouder of this fact, but my sister skipped Kindergarten and in our house skipping grades is de rigeur. Also, fighiting about 2 IQ points and who is smarter (me!) . I adored 2nd grade and I adored my teacher. I no longer hated school. I got chicken pox. That's it.

Happy memory - some dance recital where we had mouse costumes. I loved the mouse costume.
Memory I think goes here - was suppoed to sing You Light Up my Life at some event at school, lost my nerve on stage and ran of crying. Think it was this year.

In 1985, I was in 3rd grade. This year holds 2 big memories. 1) Challenger explosion. We had TVs wheeled in to each classroom so we could watch the launch. It blew up. The teachers flipped, us 7-9 years olds didnt really get what happened. First and only shuttle launch I've ever watched.
2) I found out one of my best friends was really really sick. Christa (hmm, strange coincidence with memory 1, never realized that) had cystic fibrosis, but I didn't know this until I was invited to a sleep over at her house. She was on some kind of respirator all night and I did not sleep for one little second, I was terrified. Her coughing was horrible. I'm sure I hurt her feelings but I was very very frightened. I'm sorry Christa. She passed away when I was in middle school.

Something else very very big happended in my life this year. Not sure I'm ready to share that quite yet, or if indeed, it is mine to share. Life changed quickly, I lost a friend, we lost a neighborhood that we had grown fond of. But I didn't lose much in the grand scheme, and I could have lost a lot. More later, on what I decide is mine to tell. I lost some respect. I didn't lose everything that means anything to me.

Happy memory - Brother's Pizza. Run by the mob. Great pizza. Also, donuts, with powdered sugar and chocolate cream filling. I like food, I guess.

1986 - Here's a big year. We moved to.....Fairfax County, VA! culture shock. MAJOR culture shock. However, I was still wee (8) and in 4th grade at Fairview elementary. My poor sister moved here and a day later started 7th grade a Robinson. Whoa. I loved 4th grade. I had my first crush (Mike Higgins, lookin at you). I got straight As. I started playing the violin. I made new friends (Hi Lori and Marcy!). I played tennis and swam at the Landings community center. Was good. Teendom is creeping up though...stay tuned.

Happy memories - Madonna's True Blue. My neighbor Aileen. gymnastics at Capital.

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