Sunday, July 25, 2010

feelin kinda ragey

i never talk about work in the particulars here, for obvious reasons. and i'm not going to start now. but man there is something that has happened slowly and then quickly over the past week that has got me all ragey. it will bring change and whether that change is good or bad we shall see.

in related news, i want to move to the beach and be a surfer and a yoga teacher...fantastically original, I know. but since I'm not really going to do that, I need to find a good yoga studio for me in Reston. I loved my one in Arlington and Fairfax...maybe I'll just keep using the Fairfax one? There must be a good yoga studio or five out here in outer suburbia, right?

in other unrelated news, I am taking a weekend trip to philly and am excited!

in other really unrelated news, the new season of mad men starts tonight. hallelujah!

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