Tuesday, September 27, 2011

adult school lunch

Hi all!
I was thinking about food (sometimes I do), and I was wondering, if I looked at all the food I ate at work all day, would it look like too much? So I decided to post it here. Now, this is what I have most days. Sometimes there will be variety, but honestly, not much. Once I find what I like, I tend to stick to it.

So, we start with Breakfast! I stop at my local starbucks to visit my friends the baristas every day. I get:

1) Grande Decaf coffee (I used to get a Decaf Soy Sugar Free Hazlenut Grade Misto, but methinks I may be sensitive to soy). I add in non-dairy fat free creamer when I get to work, less each day, because I'm trying to ween myself off of it.

2) Protein Bistro Box (I never eat the cheese, and I eat the egg as a late afternoon snack)

So that's done. Generally I finish breakfast and coffee by 11am (I'm a grazer).

I don't eat a typical lunch, so the remaining things I snack on as I'm hungry throughout the day.

1) I always have a Fruit 2.0 water with me. Sometimes I'll have more than one going.

2) Late July mini peanut butter sandwich crackers. Just a handful.

3) Luna Bar Chocolate covered Coconut. Please don't tell me this isn't healthy, I really don't want to know. It's their newest flavor and it is INSANELY good.

4) That egg I mentioned earlier.

5) Red Grapes

6) Banana(s)

7) Baby Carrots with a smidgen of Ranch for dipping.

I get that brand of carrots from the Whole Foods, and the ranch is really good without being heavy. Delish.

Sometimes, I can't eat all this. Sometimes, I'm super hungry and have an instant oatmeal or fiber one bar too. Sometimes, I have a cookie attack (trying to limit those!) But mostly, this is what I snack on while I'm at work. If you work with me, you probably think I eat all day long, and well, I do.

So I'm putting this out there - who's a nutritional guru? What am I eating too much/too little of?

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