Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the kind of woman who...

today so far, I am..

the kind of woman who owns Missoni.....for Target.
the kind of woman who knows how to make Macarons.

these are good things to be.

Target was insane this morning, but in kind of a low key way? There was a small group of women, maybe 15 of us, who were running rampant through the Missoni, but the rest of the store was empty. I picked up the flats, which I had my eye on, a cardigan, a blouse, a scarf, a tap pants/robe set, a set of plates, a throw pillow, and a vase. I tore myself away from the bedding, which wasn't that hard, only because they only had king size sets left.

I wouldn't call what I used restraint, but the woman in front of me spent well over $1000, and she was far from alone in that.

Of course, I got there an hour after opening (had an appt at 730), and there were VERY few smalls left, and nothing but XLs in some of the things that really caught my eye. Oh well.

And then I came home, worked out, and made macarons. Vacation is neat.

I am also..

the kind of woman who gets caught out on not following through with a phone call she forgot about before going on vacation..dammit.

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