Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Week 15 Recap / Week 16 Goals

I mistakenly gave myself two weeks (plus a day) to accomplish a weeks worth of goals. Eh, it'll happen. Let's see how I did!

Week 15 Goals

1) Make goals (and, done!) haha. - Well, done, obvs.

2) Find another exercise DVD I like as much as 30 day shred that I can switch up with Ms. Jillian. Or it could be another Jillian DVD. Despite having 3 30 day shred workouts I still would like more variety. Plus, Level 1 is already kind of easy. PX90I suppose.

Dudes, I have much bounty in the way of exercise videos. I went a-explorin' on Netflix and came back with a nice catalog of Crunch workouts + a new Jillian. I have 3 versions of Power Yoga/Pilates workouts, a Boot Camp, a Sculpt & Tone, and some Dance, in case I feel a lil crazy (or lazy, those are easy). I look forward to my workouts.

3) Plan a little one day getaway for Mr. Fred and I. Maybe back to the B&B we went to last summer.

I would very much like to do this, but Fred is feeling like his weekend time is a little too plan-y lately, and wants some free time. So free time he shall have. And then later, B&B. October mayhaps?

4) Pull another round of clothes for eBay from the closet - anything I passed up last time with the thought that I might wear it? That I haven't still? Up it goes

I did this yesterday, and one thing already sold. Woot!

Week 16 Goals

1) Identify and make 2 new dinner recipes. I am in a rut.

2) Put together a list of things to accomplish on my week off next week - some pure fun, mostly just catch up on house, etc. Although, I must stress...tis a vacation. So it'll be light on the goals. But you know how you feel better when you have things done and not hanging over your head like oh yeah, look at that box there I need to go through that and throw most of it out, or gosh I really do need some kind of way to store my shoes so I don't end up with huge shoe piles in my room. Those.

3) Keep working out at my current pace, cause it feeels gooood.

Yeah, that's it =)

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patience said...

good for you! i am ALL about the goals lately. mostly they are business related for me but i'm loving making them and making lists. you feel so clearheaded when you are done!