Monday, October 17, 2011

don't you remember you told me you love me baby

Happy Monday Morning!

First, some sad news. Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have separated. That's shocking as hell. More shocking than Al and Tipper really. Let's enjoy the fruits of their relationship, shall we?


Moving on.

Checking in on my P90X adventure, I am in the middle of week 4, my recovery week. I got a little extra-exuberant about the change in scenery last week and said I was going to get to add 2 new workouts...actually its one.

This week is all Stretchy Yoga Kenpo rinse repeat, ahhhh, this is nice, and then SURPRISE! Core Synergistics.

Core kicked my ass. Now, maybe there is some element of learning new moves, I'll admit. But this video had me attempting moves and then just sitting there, staring at Tony, going, WTF dude. I thought we were buds.

I get to do Core again tomorrow, and I'm hoping that I will be more successful, given that I know what to expect. We shall see.

Otherwise, just kind of mentally preparing myself for Week 5, in which I begin 2-a-days. Cause I'm doing the doubles program. Cause I'm a glutton for punishment apparently. Doubles is pretty much just like Standard, except you add in a Cardio workout on your weights days. I think, I need to look over my workout calendar again. Sounds super fun, right? I'm actually kind of excited.

I also just found out that P90X 2 comes out at Christmas. I finish this program on December 23rd. Guess what I want from Santa?

I'm still pretty knocked out by this workout. But in a good way. I have lost like, 2 lbs? Whatever, not that worried about that right now. Busy getting ripped and stuff.

On to the outfit! Have I told you the weather right now is kind of my perfect idea of winter? I mean, its not winter, not by calendar nor any other measure. But I'm saying this COULD be winter. Really, its can stay in the high of 65 range. That can be winter. I'm good. Ok, maybe 1 weekend of real winter, with a big old snowstorm, and then back to this. I have no need for actual winter.

But I digress, I love this weather because it is cool enough for tights, not cold enough to be uncomfortable or need a coat at all. Its lovely. All this to say, yes, I'm wearing tights today, why do you ask? Here we go:

That shirt is from Ann Taylor loft, and I swear it is the most functional and versatile thing I own. Almost every time I bring something new into my closet, I'm all, hell yeah, check out shirty mcshirt shirt looking all dope with this. It's going to fall apart one of these days. I'm keepin an eye out for a replacement.

Sooo, the rest of the outfit.

Cardigan, J Crew here
Skirt, J Crew here
Tights, J Crew here
Shoes, Michael Kors
Bracelet, J Crew
Rings/Necklace, Tiffany
Watch, Timex Weekender

Despite my weather ranting above, I know it will, someday, get cold. So I'm thinking about coats. Do you think about coats? Maybe I just think about coats. I'm thinking of going classic.

LL Bean
Trench @ J Crew

Leaning towards the trench.

That's it for now!

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