Monday, October 03, 2011

P90X, week 2

I did my first P90X post on Monday of Week 1, so I figure, HEY, why not keep it on the same day? Even though its halfway through the workout week, whatEVER.

I did my yoga this morning.
I did my arms and shoulders yesterday.
I did my Plyometrics on Saturday...oh dear jebus
I did my chest and back on Friday.

Things I have learned...
1) The weights I used week one were too light for most exercises. I am stronger than one would think. I upped the weights for week 2, and oh, it is ouchy.

2) Plyometrics, you think you're just jumping around and burning the calories, but NOOOO, oh, the muscles are getting a workout. The butt soreness after Pylo, it is impressive. And the all around core soreness.

3) The above stated, however....I kind of feel like I'm handling it. I mean, I hang with the crew most of the time.

So tomorrow I have the legs workout.
And then Kenpo.
And on the 7th day I rest. Or do X Stretch

I'm still all "Let's DO this damn thing" so that's good.

I have lost no weight. Really, dude? Really.


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