Friday, October 28, 2011

its friday

just too good not to share, thanks Dana.

A little quizzy-quiz for a Friday afternoon...

Height: 5 feet + 3 inches (I thought I was 5'2" most of my life, until a recent doctor's appointment. Maybe I was. Maybe I had my early 30s growth spurt)

Hair Color: Blondish Brown

Eye color: Blue

Freckles: One awesome one on my lower lip, a smattering across my shoulders.

Best feature: Maybe my crooked smile. Or possibly my calves. I have good calves.

Worst part of your body: I don't know if I have a worst. My eye waters a lot, just one, and its highly annoying, so we'll go with that...the watery eye.

Scars: Oh so many, but nothing major. Just scrapes and cuts from a life spent banging into things and playing with cats.

Tattoos: I have a tribal design from shoulder to shoulder on my back that I got when I was 19. It is VERY mid-nineties. Try not to date yourself with your tattoos. I also have a "homemade" as in pins and indian ink tattoo of a daisy - one on my left hip, one on my right ankle. These are from age 16 and are ridiculous.

Piercings: Just my ears. Each ear has about 4 piercings, but I just use the one, regular one.

Disease: Panic disorder. blargh.

Broken bones: Foot, my fifth metatarsal on the left foot, at 18.

Phobia: Heights. Also very high or bendy bridges. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge = scary. The Golden Gate bridge = not so much.

Obsession: Music & Records, Crosswords, Books, quite possibly clothes.

Fear: see phobia. also see: disease. At times I'm frightened of silly things.

Bodily party trick: Double jointed thumbs.

Best feeling: swimming.

Best physical sense: small circles rubbed onto my back with your palm when I'm stressed or ill.

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