Friday, March 23, 2012

burning down the house?

I'm a little concerned about myself. A good handful of times over the last two weeks, I've left the oven or burners on.

Then...last night, I was watching the Louisville basketball game, and towards the end, I put some biscuits in the oven for today's breakfast.  Now, granted, this was an important game, it being the tourney and all, and them playing a 1 seed and all, and it was exciting. But they were 10+ points up for most of the final few minutes. It was not a nail biter in the way it could have been.

So, when the game was over, I switched to Up All Night, and then thought, meh, I'm tired, and I need to wash my hair tonight. So I went upstairs, and did just that.

Later, when I was out of the bath, and doing my moisturizing routine, Fred comes into the bedroom, and from behind the bathroom door, I hear mumble mumble burn the house down mumble. I said, What? He says: the biscuits.

Oh shit! Yeah, they weren't black or anything, but they weren't good either.

Maybe I'm distracted because of this ongoing work thing? Its almost over, thank goodness! I'm the last to leave in the mornings so I'm worried about the burners, the curling iron, all of it! Can't wait to get my brain back to normal.

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