Tuesday, March 06, 2012

dirty topic?

I was reading longest acres today ...love that blog, btw. Kate just puts her 2011 earnings out there, for all to see. Which, I suppose, is fine, give that those earnings are $13K and change.

I mean, maybe. Maybe $13K is a lot in some ways, in some places. Well, i doubt its A LOT.  I know it would be very nice to have for to some people. I know you couldn't really live well in Northern VA for that - I'm not sure you'd have a roof over your head for that. Forgive me if I'm being naive, I don't really know.  I made $4.25 an hour minimum wage my first job at Blockbuster in 1995, but since I've had an office job in the late 90s, I don't think I've made under about $33K. And that, my friends, is a long way back in the rear view mirror.

I don't think I can say what I make here. I don't think anyone should really share that. I have income shame, maybe. Which is ridiculous...I should be very proud of what I accomplished. But really, no one needs to know but me and my household, right? (That's just Fred, then). And no, I am not the 1%.

It's kind of funny to think about though...is there some magical number that dictates when you can no longer talk about it? 'Cause I didn't seem to have this problem with talking about it earlier in my career..

You know what inquiring minds want to know? How much the top bloggers make. If they tell, I'll tell, deal?

Anyway, let's complete the trifecta of taboo topics...

Sex - yes, it does happen in my life.
Religion - no, it does not.

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