Tuesday, February 15, 2011

11 and 12 of 365

Feb 14
Q: Did you kiss someone today?
A: Of course I did! My lovely love Fred.

Feb 15
Q: Write down the cure for a broken heart.
A: I won't pretend to be an expert on curing broken hearts but I may be an expert on having them. Here's my tried and true if potentially immature approach:

1) Cry it out. Call in to work broken-hearted. Wallow in some girl movies, but try to make them empowering. I suggest Working Girl (not about prostitues, promise). Pretty in Pink. Say Anything (to commiserate with broken hearted Lloyd Dobbler). Stock up your couch with comfy blankets, chocolate, wine, or whatever else you find delicious and comfortable.

2) Go to Sephora. Don't make a hair appointment, break up hair can be great but is more often a mistake. Actually, book a blow out. Book a nail appointment. Go to Sephora and get your make up done. Buy some delicious-smelling bath stuff. Commence pampering of self.

3) Go out with your girlfriends. Talk, laugh, flirt. Don't go home with any0ne. Repeat.

4) Focus on work. You are badass, and you kick ass at work. If this is true, own it, and rock that shit. If it is not, make it true.

5) Hang out with your family (if you are close). If you are wrong, they won't remind you. They WILL remind you what makes you you beyond this guy.

6) Get thee to the gym. Take a kickboxing class. Sweat out the anger. Angry people burn more calories. Plus, you are making yourself stronger physically and mentally. Go.

7) Get some distance. No facebook, no google. No email, no phone calls, no texts. If you can convince him to move away I highly recommend it.

8) After 1 month of focusing on yourself, your awesomeness, your work, your friends, and your family, get yourself set up on a date. Or, go out with friends and do some more flirting. Or, check out online dating. These first few dates are practice for being swinging single and will likely not stick.

9) If you have things unsaid, write them down. Don't send them. There are exceptions to this rule, but be careful, you can mistakenly convince yourself that you deserve an exception. Ask the opinion of a trusted friend.

10) Repeat all of the above as necessary.

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