Thursday, February 10, 2011

reality TV

in movies and tv, I am always happy when they show the heroine at the gym. my fellow SATC fans will laugh with me when I remind them that while Carrie was always accompanying Charlotte (african dance class) and Sam (yoga) to excercise class, she was always shown half-assing it. Necessary, perhaps, for the witty dialogue, but ultimately unrealistic, as that 45 year old woman has a hell of a dancers body and you KNOW she works for it.

I have no ill will towards those who can stay slim without regular workouts - heck, I was that person for a long long time. I just think the truer and more healthy reality is that you must put in the work to get the better body. Thank you to the sitcom and film writers that recognize that the gym is usually a part of a woman's life, or needs to be if you want that TV/Film star's physique.

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