Sunday, February 06, 2011

mini score

so i dropped by old navy today after my workout to try on their version of the wide leg jean that is making a sweeping comeback (sidenote - i knew everyone secretly hated skinnies). they were just ok, and they didn't carry the short length so I couldn't try those on. while I was there, however, I scored this sweet little grey gingham button down, which i'm sure will become a spring staple - and it was on so much sale, I spent about a starbucks visit on it. its supposed to satiate my desire for this jcrew buffalo check, but so far its not successful. jcrew's site has me in its radar as I am passionately in love with their brogues and can find no comparison - but am stubbornly refusing to buy said brogues, and therefore must visit them cyber-ly from time to time, and therefore come across other such lovelies - i.e. buffalo check shirt.

it may not sound like it, but I just did a major come-to-jesus about my clothes and donating a lot of stuff. i do a lot of window shopping but not as much actual shopping. i just like to think about outfits so that when I see something on sale that is perfect I already know it will fit in my warddrobe. its an approach. i'm trying my best to stick to thrift that I will actually use and/or is great quality, unique + sticking to my basis (AA t's, jeans, cardis) of which I have more than enough. when i want to go shopping, i go to the gym first - i'm sneaky like that!

happy superbowl sunday everyone!

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