Monday, February 07, 2011

4 of 365

Q: What are 3 things you have to buy?

A: Oh, you just had to use the word "have" didn't you? I'll take it literally, and then not so literally.

3 things I have to buy: 1) Food. 2) Electricity. 3) Gas.

well that's not very exciting. but it is an interesting excercise to really apply that word to my thought on purchasing. I don't even have to buy those things when it comes down to it. Well, I could grow my own food I have a garden big enough to do so, in fact. I could use candles and the fireplace (well, I could if it wasn't a gas fireplace, i have to buy gas, see #3). I don't have
to buy gas - well, yeah, I do, cause I have to go to work. but I could walk/bus/metro. and then I'd have to purchase transit tickets. still - we really don't HAVE to buy very much, do we?

Taken further, I would certainly say I have to buy clothes, if I hadn't already bought so damn many of them. Seriously, I should be good for years, but only due to starting from this state of overbuying do I not need to buy. Even then, I could sew or knit my own clothes, but would then have to buy fabric, wool, and sewing lessons.

I love the idea of trading/bartering, but isn't that what I'm already doing? The knowledge and service I'm able to provide is my job. I get paid for my job and I trade that for goods.

In all seriousness, this subject hits a little hard for me because I know that I am too much of a consumer. I do, however, make a concerted effort to buy things that are made or grown as locally as possible, with as little harm to the environment as possible. This does backfire..ever priced anti-aging moisturizers made without animal testing? But that is important to me, and so that is where I will put my dollars.

3 things I just have to buy:

1. jcrew brogues
2. steaks and prosciutto from eastern market butcher
3. caffeine free diet coke.

haha, that's more fun!

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