Tuesday, July 19, 2011

inspiration from an unlikely place

I just hit on a bit of a treasure trove of old pictures. and I found this one (yes, there is someone holding up the other end of the door, Dana). I was 29 in this picture, so its just about 4 years ago, I think. This, for whatever reason, captures my goal weight. Weird, huh? So here it is, my goal.

Its not that far off. Its me, which helps. It is not my goal, however, to start stealing doors OR playing beer pong on said doors again. Although I weighed much less when I drank often. Hmmmmm. No.


dodom21 said...

hhahaha ohhh door stealing. that was an interesting and destructive summer for all!! hows the paleo thing going??

dodom21 said...

on another note, the shirt you have on in the picture reminds me of the new target line coming out this fall. they have a trove of good stuff in the near future!!!