Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 10 Recap / Week 11 Goals

Here we are again, again! Time to look at my progress last week and set some new goals. The weeks are just flying by right now! I may give myself the same bigger goals 2 weeks in a row, as sometimes 1 week just isn't enough!

1) Finish unpacking and organizing my sewing room/office/guest room / I don't know what it is now.

I spent a LOT of time working in this room this week (tackling a big project), and I decided that I need more room. Which means more storage solutions/shelving. So now i'm looking into that. At least its a very functional room if not quite finished!

2) Spend a couple of hours on the garden. There are a lot of things growing that I suspect are weeds. Need to trim back the azaleas and stop the mint from taking over the planet.

I did this all day Saturday, and I was actually super sore on Sunday! From gardening! And the garden is looking much better.

3) Get a proper camera set up for pictures for this here blog!

I ordered my tripod woo! I'll play with it this weekend!

Week 11 Goals

1) Run outside at least 2 mornings.
2) Take some time to relax and explore some thrift stores this weekend!
3) I have a very important appointment on Thursday - I'm taking the day off of work, but work is also crazy busy right now - I need to make sure my mind is only in one place at once!
4) Get back on this 30 for 30 train, man am I a dirty cheater!
5) Go on a date with Fred =)

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